About Us

The profound desire to provide clients with better environmental consulting services, faster and more cost efficiently prompted Nathaniel P. Hardee, Jr. to form ECHELON in 2006.

ECHELON is a minority-veteran owned private entity formed to provide effective, efficient and expedient environmental consulting services. Mr. Hardee began his environmental career in the US Air Force before moving into the private sector. He has over 25 years of environmental consulting experience across the country on all types of environmental projects ranging from small residential to extensive commercial and industrial. Mr. Hardee has served as an asbestos consultant on the A&E Network “Flip This House”, Episode 60.

High Environmental Quality Standards

ECHELON has created a comprehensive Quality-Control-Quality Assurance program for the purpose of providing proven standards for the benefit of government compliance, client satisfaction and reduction of corporate and client liability. We require:

  •       • Personnel attend yearly national regulatory continuing education to ensure complete environmental compliance during inspection and project management activities.
  •       • Random audits of laboratories utilized to ensure that laboratory reports reflect accurate results consistent with current regulatory and state of art laboratory protocols.
  •       • Post-project audits of its technicians to ensure that proper procedures were used during the inspection/assessment.

In addition, ECHELON conducts follow-up with all clients to ensure that their needs were met relative to the environmental issue at hand.